7 Top Best and Most Popular Sports.

1. Soccer( Football)

Football is Most Popular and Most Loved Sport in today’s World.

2. Basketball

Basketball is Most Popular Sport in United States of America and widely famous across the World.

3. Tennis

Tennis is kind of sport, if you play it you would love it. One of most respected and popular Sports.

4. Boxing

Boxing is something everything love watching more than participating in the Sport. It’s  Most exciting and thrilling Sport.

5. Cricket

Cricket is unique Sport. Approximately 1.6 Billion people follow cricket. It’s a Bat and Ball Game played between 2 teams of 11 player each.

6. Hockey

You need to be very tricky and very energetic to play Hockey. An interesting Sport.

7. Baseball

Baseball is a Bat and Ball Game with a very few similarities of Cricket. It needs a lot of Focus and strength.

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