7 Top Best Animals in the World.

1. Dog.

As we know Men’s best friend is Dog. Most loyal, Most lovable . The best Animal in the World according Humans.

2. Pandas.

Pandas are cutest Animal. They bring peace to the World. Pandas make you happy and laugh most of the time.

3. Cat.

Cats are awesome. They look beautiful but sometimes they like to be jerk if you don’t feed them.

4. Dolphins.

Dolphins are cute and smartest Animal in the World. They are nice and saved a lot of people from Shark attack.

5. Horse.

Horse is a beautiful animal and it’s fun to ride.

6. Penguin.

Penguins are most amazing animals. They don’t bore you.

7. Monkey.

Monkey is on the number 7 in this list. After all, Monkeys are our ancestors. They are funny and very energetic.


image sources

  • : Pixabay

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