7 Top Best Dream Jobs in the World.

1. Music Star

Yeah Baby!!!!  This is the Best Job. You get Fame, Recognition, Heavy Money, Women/Men, Luxury Cars, Drugs, Booze and Much More.

2. Actor/Actress

Being an Actor or Actress is a Dream of millions of people in the World, But really difficult to be a successful in this field.

3. Pro-Athlete

A lot of hard work, failure and success. Huge salary and unlimited fun.

4. CEO

This Job is really great. It gives you the power of control the management.

5. Video Game Tester

Play  Video Games, find the bugs and get paid. Huge money for fun job.

6. Model

Modelling is full of glamorous life and fun job. You get paid to look good. Fluent your looks and great personality and earn good money and fame.

7 . Inventor

It’s a Dream Job of every Science&Technology nerd, But there are lot of people who want this Dream Job to earn huge respect and money.


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