7 Top Best English Football Players.

1. David Beckham.

Born: 2 May 1975.

David Beckham  was a great English Football Player. He has the fourth most captaincies in the England National Football Team.

2. Steven Gerrard.

Born: 30 May 1980.

Steven Gerrard was one of the best Footballers in England. He has the 10th most Premier-League appearances.

3. Wayne Rooney.

Born: 24 October 1985.

Rooney is the Top scorer for England and Manchester.

4. Frank Lampard.

Born: 20 June 1978.

Most Consistent Premier League Player.

5. Bobby Charlton.

Born: 11 October 1937.

Bobby Charlton was one of the best Footballers in the World, a great one.

6. John Terry.

Born: 7 December 1980.

JohnTerry ranks third among Chelsea F.C Players by total number of appearances (717).

7. Paul Gascoigne.

Born: 27 May 1967.

Paul was a natural gifted footballer. His techniques were brilliant.


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