7 Top Best Football Players of France.

1. Zinedine  Zidane.

Born: 23 June, 1972.

Goals: 126.

Absolute Legend . France’s Captain for 2 years . Winner of World Cup 1998.  Zinedine Zidane is the best Footballer in France’s history.

2. Paul Pogba.

Born: 15 March 1993.

Paul Pogba is second in this list. He is the most famous French Football Player at the moment.

3. Karim Benzema.

Born: 19 December 1987.

He is immensely talented player and strong striker.

Goals: 154.

4. Blaise Matuidi.

Born: 9 April 1987.

Matuidi is described as a ‘Fierce and Strong Tackler’.

5. Antoine Griezmann.

Born: 21 March 1991.

In the European Cup, he made a huge difference in the way  the National team played and defeated best teams in run.

6. Raphael Varane.

Born: 25 April 1993.

Varane won his third UEFA Champions League trophy and it makes him the youngster defender ever to have three championship League trophies.

7. Hugo Lloris.

Born: 26 December 1986.

Lloris is described as a Goalkeeper who  ‘boasts lightning reflexes and good decision making’.


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