7 Top Best Homes in the World.

1. Antilla, Mumbai.

Antilla is a first Billion dollar home. It’s a 27 storey Skyscraper of 5th richest man in the World, Mukesh Ambani.

2. UpDown Court, England.

UpDown Court is most beautiful and amazing private residence to be built in England. It is situated 25 miles from London.

3. Fleur de Lys, Beverly Hills.

Fleur de Lys is among the World’s most expensive and luxury Homes.

4. Versailles, Florida.

Versailles is the Largest family home in the U.S.

5. The Manor, Los Angeles.

The Manor is Aaron Spelling’s 56000 Square-ft LA Mansion. An Amazingly huge home.

6. Villa Leopolda, France.

Villa Leopolda 750 million dollar villa, built for King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902.

7. Acqua Liana, Florida.

Acqua Liana is the most Luxurious eco Mansion. It is 15000 Sq-ft Home.


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