7 Top best- Sad Songs of all Time.

7 Top best- Sad Songs of all Time.

1.Tears in Heaven

Released: 1992.

Award: Grammy Award for song of the year.

Tears in Heaven is Best Sad Song by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings. This song is Clapton’s Best selling single in United States.

2. Hurt

Released: 2002.

Artist: Johnny Cash.

Hurt is a Song by American industrial rock band  ‘Nine Inch Nails’ from their second studio album “The Downward Spiral”. This Song was cover song by Johnny Cash to commercial and critical acclaim. It was Cash’s final hits released before his death.

3. Wake me up when September Ends

Released: 2005.

Artist: Green Day.

This is one of the Saddest Songs ever made. Wake me up when September Ends will touch your heart and make you cry.

4. Yesterday

Artist: Beatles.

Released: 1965.

Yesterday is a Song by English rock band ‘ The Beatles’ written by Paul Mccartney. This Song holds the record as the most covered song in the history, according to The Guinness Book of Records.

5. Immortal

Released: Evanescence.

Artist: 2000.

My Immortal Song is one of the most Sad song . It makes your heart melt and take you to the different world.

6. Stan

Released: 2000.

Artist: Eminem.

Stan is a Song by American Rapper

Eminem featuring British Singer Dido. It’s really very sad and meaningful Song.

7. Wish you were here.

Released: 1975.

Artist: Pink Floyd.

Wish you were here is a title track on Pink Floyd’s 1975 Album. This Song is Sad with great lyrics and one of the Best Song.


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