7 Top Best Singers of all Time.

1. Elvis Presley.

Born: 8 January 1935, Died: 16 August 1977.

Nationality: American.

Elvis Presley was a Singer, Musician and an Actor. He is often referred to as the  “King of Rock and Roll”.

2. Freddie Mercury.

Born: 5 September, Died: 24 November 1991.

Nationality: British.

Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest Vocalist and Singers of all time.

3. Michael Jackson.

Born: 29 August 1958, Died: 25 June 2009.

Nationality: American.

The whole world knows who was Michael Jackson. He was the King Of Pop.

4. Robert Plant.

Born: 20 August 1948.

Nationality: British.

Robert Plant is Great Musician, Singer and Song Writer.

5. Whitney Houston.

Born: 9 August 1963

Nationality: American.

Guinness World Records cited her as the most awarded female act of all time. She is really mind blowing Singer and actress as well as.

6. John Lennon.

Born: 9 October 1940, Assassinated: 8 December 1980.

Nationality: British.

John was an English Singer, Song Writer and founder of ‘Beatles’, the most successful Band in the history of popular music.

7. Sir Paul McCartney.

Born: 18 June 1942.

Nationality: British.

Paul McCartney is an English Singer and Song Writer.


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