7 Top Favourite Foods around the World.

1. Pizza.

Pizza is Most Favourite Food of people around the Globe. Almost everyone loves Pizza.

2. Ice-Cream.

Everyone in the World loves Ice-Cream. For some People Ice-Cream isĀ  the best edible thing.

3. Chocolate.

Chocolate consumption in the World is on the rise. Most of people love Chocolate.

4. Burger.

Americans consume roughly 50 billion burgers a year. The Hamburger business is 73 billion dollar business in the World.

5. Chicken.

Who doesn’t love to eat delicious chicken? If we avoid vegetarians then everyone in the World love to have Chicken.

6. Steak.

The perfectly cooked steak is the best food you will ever have. Steak is really delicious Food.

7. French Fries.

People really enjoy French fries, most of time with other Foods like, Burger.


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  • : Pixabay

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