7 Top Most Useful animals in the World

7 Top Most Useful animals in the World

1. Cow/ Buffalo

Cow and Buffalo are most useful animal for human. Life would be incomplete without milk and meat of cow and buffalo. They give us milk for our dairy products and delicious foods, meat, leather and much more. You cannot ask for more.

2. Chicken

Who Don’t like Chicken? Almost everyone in the World love to have Chicken-meat and eggs. It is need of our every day food. Its so useful and basic need of our food.

3. Horse

Horse were most Useful Animal at one time, for travelling, farming and in war. It is still very useful and beautiful Animal.

4. Sheep

Sheep is one of the most Useful Animal in the World. It gives us milk, meat, wool for clothes and blankets. It is very easy to handle the Sheep.

5. Donkey

No other Animal is as hardworking for human as Donkey. This poor Animal is so Useful from centuries. Donkey can be used for carrying things, travelling, farming and much more.

6. Camel

Camel is called ‘ The Ship of Desert’ and this Animal can be used for many things and easy to handle. The Camel provides is meat and milk , we use them in travelling in desert and dry areas. Camel is the combination of cow and horse but in deserts areas.

7. Dog

Dog is human’s best friend, best companion, best loyal Animal, best home guard and best human human protector on my occasions. The Dogs are genuinely great Animal. They build lovable strong bond and relationship with their human friends.


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