7 Top Best places to Visit in North India

7 Top Best places to Visit in North India

1. Kashmir

Kashmir is Most Beautiful Place in India. There is no other Place in India like Kashmir. A Mughal Emperor once said very Special Words for Kashmir ” If there is paradise on Earth, it is this, it is this, it is this.” Kashmir is gift a nature but because of political and other issues, this place is like hell nowadays. Kashmir is disputed land between three countries- India, Pakistan and China. A small Portion of this Place occupied by China, second small portion of Kashmir is occupied by Pakistan and rest of part occupied India. Indian Part is most Violent and full of hell. The Indian Part is  the Most beautiful and most controversial.

Top Points: Green Valleys,Natural beauty, mountains, Snowfall .

Negative points: Extremism, terrorism, violence.

2. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is Historic and beautiful place in India. It has India’s largest desert. Rajasthan has a lot historic forts, palaces Rajputana history and heritage. There are a lot of things in Rajasthan which makes it a great Holiday destination.

Top Points: Historic Forts and palaces, rich culture , Heritage, food, desert .

Negative points: bad weather in summer, bad public transportation.

3. Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is great place to visit to have fun cool places and stunning hill stations. Its a very Safe place to go for holidays.

Top Points: Amazing Hill Stations, Green mountains , beautiful weather.

Negative Points:None

4. Ladakh, J&K

Ladakh is Amazing with a lot of Adventurous and unique places.

Top Points: crystal clear water in Lakes, fantastic weather, a place for adventurous activities .

Negative Points: None.

5. Delhi

Delhi has great history of India. It is the heart of India.

Top things: Capital city of India, Rich culture, Beautiful Historic Buildings, delicious food.

Negative points :Over crowded

6. Uttarakhand

Top Points: Pilgrimages, High mountains,  place for adventurous tourism,  Famous Temples.

Negative Points :None.

7. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is Big State in India. It has a lot bad and terrible places as well as some of most beautiful and greatest places of all time such as Taj Mahal.

Top Points: Taj Mahal, Banaras, Land of many Gods,

Negative Points: Communal clashes,Dirty places, not friendly people.


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