7Top- Best places to visit in North India.


Top Points: Green Valleys,Natural beauty, mountains, Snowfall .

Negative points: Extremism, terrorism, violence.

2. Rajasthan

Top Points: Historic Forts and palaces, rich culture , Heritage, food, desert .

Negative points: bad weather in summer, bad public transportation.

3.Himachal Pradesh

Top Points: Amazing Hill Stations, Green mountains , beautiful weather.

Negative Points:None

4.Ladakh, J&K

Top Points: crystal clear water in Lakes, fantastic weather, a place for adventurous activities .

Negative Points: None.


Top things: Capital city of India, Rich culture, Beautiful Historic Buildings, delicious food.

Negative points :Over crowded

6. Uttarakhand

Top Points: Pilgrimages, High mountains,  place for adventurous tourism,  Famous Temples.

Negative Points :None.

7.Uttar Pradesh


Top Points: Taj Mahal, Banaras, Land of many Gods,

Negative Points: Communal clashes,Dirty places, not friendly people.

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