7Top- Best Places to Visit in South India.

1. Ooty.

It is a Most famous  Hill Station in the State of Tamil Nadu, in Southern India.

Top Points:Natural Beauty,Peaceful place,Greenery ,beautiful Lakes,Holiday Destination,Beautiful weather.


Must visit Place for Party animals.

Top Points: Party Hub, Beautiful beaches and Girls,Food festivals, an amazing Tourist Destination.


Located near Bangalore, it’s called “Scotland of South India”.

Top Points: Waterfall Rappelling , Ultralight flying, Elephants, Adventures Place.


Surely ,You will lose yourself in the Beauty of this place.

Top Points: Princes of Hill Stations in south India, Lush Greenery,Beautiful Hills ,Waterfall ,Pleasant weather ,Natural Beauty.

5.Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Beautiful Islands with Beautiful Beaches  ,Place is Good for Adventures experiences.

Top Points: Snorkelling and Scuba Diving experiences ,Mesmerising Blue Waters.

6. Mahabalipuram.

The Temple City Mahapalipuram is Situated 60 K.m off Chennai on the Bay of Bengal Coast in the State Of Tamil Nadu, South India. It’s a World Heritage site.

Top Points: Great Temples,Rich History of Pallava and other Dynasties ,Culture, Spirituality.

7. Munnar .


This beautiful place is Located in “God’s own country” Kerala. This is Most Romantic Hill Station in South India.

Top Points: Trek Friendly ,Hill Locks,Amazing weather, Roam amidst  the tea Gardens.

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