7 Top Most Powerful Countries in the World.

1.United States of America.

USA is the most Powerful Country in the World . Largest economy, massive Entertainment and Media industry, founding member of United Nations. United States of America¬† play a role of big boss in almost all international issues. Most powerful military, most modernised and powerful weapons, huge number of nuclear weapons, highest military budget in the World. No Country mess with United States of America, because it’s way too Powerful . Messing with USA is like, a tiny virgin asian girl trying to take 12inch huge black cock in her vagina, which means self destruction (Well, Vietnam is long time ago, we talk about present).

2. Russia.

Russia is the Largest Country in the World by area. It’s one of the largest economies in the World, extensive natural resources in the Country, one the the most Powerful militaries, largest stockpile of nuclear weapons with 7000 nuclear warheads. Russia has strong relations with other countries except USA. Russian doest not believe in showing off¬† about it’s power, America. But if you fuck with Russia, it will fuck you back until you cry like a beach.

3. China.

China is most populous Nation in the world, second largest economy in the World. World leader in exports, member of UN, strong political influence and largest military in the world. Powerful Country with nuclear weapons. Small dicks making ‘huge’ difference when it’s about making ‘hugely’ Powerful Country.


A Powerful Nation and a great economy. Germany has extremely skilled and highly educated population. It’s a well developed beautiful Country, strong global political influence, strong international relations, powerful military, influential and powerful leaders.

5. United Kingdom.

UK is highly developed country. It’s one of the most powerful Countries in the World, a nuclear weapon state, member of NATO. UK has one of the best capable foreign intelligence agencies and secret intelligence service, known as MI6.

6. France.

France is Powerful country and has nuclear weapons. Very powerful military, a large economy, a great Country.

7. Israel.

Israel is tiny but most powerful Country in the Middle-East. A large economy, High standard of living, one of the most educated countries in the World, well developed nuclear program, powerful military and weapons.Israel has best intelligence agency in the World, Mossad.

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