7 Top Best Foods for Better Sex.


Garlic decreases the reason behind the Erectile Dysfunction. Garlic de-clogs blood vessels and increase blood flow to the Penis, helping to improve the quality of Erection. Add Garlic to your dishes to promote good blood flow.

2. Almonds.

Almonds help Men's Libido. They are rich in Trace minerals that are important for sex, such as Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin E and great to Boost to produce Nitric Oxide.

3. Red Meat and Salmon Fish.

Salmon is good for your Sexual Stamina And Strength. Meat Contains L-Arginine and Zinc that improve Blood flow. Uninterrupted Blood flow is crucial to sexual response in both Men and Women.

4. Spinach.

Spinach is a potent Source of Magnesium which helps dilate blood vessels. It's an extraordinary Sexual strength booster.

5. Honey.

Honey increases the Potency in a Man. The Honey base is full of a mineral called Boron which is known to boost testosterone while Metabolizing Oestrogen. It's a natural sweetener which will not lead any disease. Honey is good for overall Health.

6. Dates.

Dates are rich in Amino Acids, which are known to increase sexual Stamina . Like they say "The act of eating Dates, can be very Sexual".

7. Bananas.

Eating Banans everyday, is good for your Sex life. They improve Testosterone levels . Bananas are rich in Potassium which improve your Libido and energy level.

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