7 Top Dangerous Animals in the World.

1. Crocodile.

Crocodiles are living Dinosaurs and really very Dangerous.

2. Shark.

Shark is most Powerful animal of water. Numerous people get killed by Shark attacks.

3. Big Cats (Lion, Tiger, Cheetah etc).

Big Cats look cute and handsome, but they are extremely Dangerous. They will kill you passionately.

4. Snakes.

Snake is scariest animal on this Planet. Most of Snakes can kill you within minutes with venom and some would love to swallow you as their lunch or dinner.

5. Hippopotamus.

It Is believed that Hippos kill more people than Shark and Crocodiles. They can easily bite a Crocodile in half.

6. Mosquito.

Mosquito cannot look scary and Dangerous but they are most Dangerous killer of Humans. Mosquitos killing 1 million people annually.

7. Elephants.

Elephant is one of the largest Animals in the World. They can be friend and very Dangerous enemy at the same time. They have unpredictable nature.


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  • : Pixabay

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