7 Top Deadly Sea Creature

7  Top Deadly Sea Creature

1. Box Jellyfish

The Box Jellyfish is most venomous on the Planet. If a Box Jellyfish stings, it can kill a person within minutes. Its very dangerous and deadliest Sea Creature.

2. Bull shark

Bull Shark is best known by it’s aggressive behaviour. This Fish can be found in warm, Shallow water of all oceans of the world. If you see a Shark in fresh water, chances are high its a Bull Shark. Bull Shark is deadly Creature in the Sea.

3. Salt Water Crocodile

The Salt Water Crocodile is the only Crocodile in the Sea. Its a biggest and most aggressive Crocodile, if they attack,then there are rare chance to survive. This Crocodile is so deadly.

4. Killer Whales

Killer Whales are huge in size. Its one of the World’s most powerful predators. Killer Whale feast on marine mammals such as Sea Lion, Seals and other fishes.

5. Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus is very venomous. Its a small in size. Like all other Octopus, the Blue Ringed Octopus has a eight arms equipped with suckers.

6. Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is huge predator in the Ocean, when its young, it feed on smaller prey, like fish and rays. Great White Shark have mouth big enough to swallow a seal.

7. Sea Snakes

Sea Snakes are one of the most venomous snakes in the World. Its found in warm coastal waters from Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.


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