7 Top Most Aggressive Animals in the World

7 Top Most Aggressive Animals in the World

1. Hippopotamus

Hippos are territorial and extremely aggressive. When Hippopotamus is very aggressive and furious, they chase humans and other Animals. Hippopotamus is very violent, if they are disturbed.

2. Saltwater Crocodiles

The Saltwater Crocodile is the largest of all Crocodilians. Saltwater Crocodiles species is the most Aggressive Crocodile species in the world. They become more Aggressive in the matiny season.

3. Sun Bear

Sun Bear is smallest Bear in bear Species. It is very aggressive . Sun Bear can attack anyone without any reason.

4. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is most venomous and fastest Snake in the World. They don’t attack without any reason but if they feel disturbed, they will bite you repeatedly and kill anyone in a few Minutes.

5. Black Rhinos

Black Rhino is Dangerous Animal and can chase with the speed of 35 miles per hour. It has poor eyesight, if it feel anything as a threat, Black Rhino attack furiously and aggressively.

6. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo is known as the black death in Africa. It has very aggressive and unpredictable nature. When Cape Buffalo are disturbed or get attacked, then it will attack back with furious force.

7. Wild Boar

Wild Boar is close relative of domestic Pig. It is not much dangerous but it has very violent and aggressive nature. Wild Boar can chase you without any reason.


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