7 Top Most Dangerous Sports.

1. Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is most Dangerous Sport in the world. Injuries and breaking bones are normal in this Sport. It’s brutally Dangerous.

2. Boxing

Boxing is hard and Dangerous Sport. You show a lil lack of energy  and you lick the floor. Head, Face, Ribcage and other injuries are normal in this Sport.

3. Bull-Riding

Bull-Riding is a Rodeo. You have to stay mounted on a Bull for as long as possible while the Bull tries to buck off you. People can get killed or get serious injuries in this Sport.

4. Gymnastics

Gymnastics actually a Sport that tests flexibility, balance, strength, control and a lot of constant hard work. This is one of the most Dangerous Sport.

5. Cycling.

Cycling and Biking are really very Dangerous Sports. High number of casualties involved.

6. Horse Back Riding.

Horse Riding gave so many fatal accidents. It is near impossible to count now.

7. Rugby.

Rugby is very interesting but Dangerous Sport.


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