7 Top Strongest Land Animals in the World

7 Top Strongest Land Animals in the World

1. Lion

Lion is the king of animal kingdom ‘ Jungle’. It is strongest Animal on the land. Lion is muscular, deep chested cat with short round head. Usually, no other Animal can stand in front of Lion.

2. Elephant

Elephants are large mammals with shout modified into a trunk and teeth modified into tusks. They are very strong animal. Elephants can uproot trees and kill any other animal, if they fight them.

3. Tiger

Tiger is very strong and killer Animal. The Tiger is the largest cat species, most recognisable for its pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish orange fur.

4. Hippopotamus

The Large Hippopotamus found in east Africa, occurs South of Sahara. Hippopotamus is characterised by its stout body, stubby legs and large bulbous head. Hippos jaws open up to 150 degrees. This animal is very Strong, can kill Crocodile.

5. Rhino

Rhinos are the largest land animal after Elephant. They are very strong. Rhinos have five species, two African and three Asian.

6. Crocodile

The Saltwater Crocodile has the World’s most powerful force. The muscles that open Crocodile jaws, however, are not so powerful, reasonably strong human could hold a Crocodile’s jaws closed with their bare hands.

7. Gorilla

Gorillas are ground-dwelling apes that inhabit the forests of central Sub-Saharan Africa. They are very Strong. Gorilla can lift-up a lot of weight.


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