7 Top Haunted Places in Rajasthan

7 Top Haunted Places in Rajasthan

1. Bhangarh Fort.

Bhangarh Fort is the most famous haunted place in India. When you go to this place you feel scary vibes. Bhangarh is great place to face off supernatural activities  for those who does not believe in ghost or spirit. Entry in this Fort premises is forbidden before sunrise and after sunset. Locals of Bhangarh narrate several incidents where some volunteers and nomads stayed at night in the fort but they never returned.

Location:Town of Bhangarh, near Alwar Distt.

2. Brij Raj Bhawan Palace.

This is one of the most haunted and scary place in Rajasthan. A lot of people often see shadows here, and feel scary Vibes.

Location: Kota

3. Kuldhara village.

The Kuldhara is an abandoned village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India. It was Established around 13th century. Those who have visited place ,have felt supernatural sensation here. it feels like some spirit passing through your body.

Location: Kuldhara ,near Jaisalmer.

4. Jagatpura

It is believed about this place that witches come and haunt the roads at night time. It is a proper civilisation and the witches roam around at this place. Many people found dead at this place. If dare to see and face witches and devils, you are most welcome to Jagatpura.

loaction: Jagatpura, Jaipur.

5. Jal Mahal.

The Jal Mahal is a palace in the middle of the Sagar Lake in Jaipur city, the capital of the state of Rajasthan in India. Visitors  often hear screams from inside the palace and gives them scary vibes.

Location: Amer road, Jaipur.

6. Nahargarh Fort.

The Nahargarh Fort stands on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. It is believed that the spirit of king Nahar Singh torture the people who try to bring the change in this Fort.

location: Edge of Aravali Hills, Jaipur.

7. Rana Kumbha Palace.

Rani Kumbha Palace is one of the biggest monuments in Rajasthan. Rani Padmini performed Jauhar ( Self-immolation) with 700 female followers, at this Place. People can Hear chilling screams over here. This Place has a lot of negative and positive energies.

location: Chittorgarh.


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