7 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States of America

7 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States of America

1. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the most violent City in USA. According the FBI’s 2016 uniform crime report, 13705 violent crimes were reported in Detroit in a year. It is most Dangerous City in United States of America.

2. St.Louis, Missouri

St. Louis consistently has been ranked among the most Dangerous Cities in the United States. in 2017, St. Louis has the highest murder rate in USA.

3. Camden, New Jersey

Camden is atrocious. It s apart by drugs, violence and serious crimes. Camden crime rate in 2102 was higher than the National Violent Crime rate average by 563.3%.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

In 2011, these were 16,763 crimes in New Orleans, including more than 164 forcibly rapes, 200 murders and 15000 property crimes. At one time, New Orleans had the highest murder rate of any US city a population of 100000.

5. Chicago

Chicago’s homicide rate had surpassed that of Los Angeles by 2010( 16 per 100000). The Chicago had homicide rate 18 per 100000 in 2015.

6. Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport is one of the Dangerous City in United States of America. It has very high rate of crimes such as Murders, robbery, Drugs and rapes etc.

7. Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville is terrible place to live, because of the increasing crime rate in the City. Crime rate is the Brownsville is higher than the national average.


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