7 Most Hated Countries in the World

7 Most Hated Countries in the World

  1.North Korea

North Korea is most hated Country in the World. It is one of the worst and mysterious Country in the World. Mostly Americans hate this Country. North Korea don’t give freedom to anyone in the Country. A cruel dictator Rule North Korea.

2. Somalia

Somalia is located on the outer edge of Somali Peninsula, which is also known as the horn of Africa. More than 50000 people killed in Somalian civil war. Somalian capital city Mogadishu, is extremely dangerous. It is one of most hated Country.

3. China

China is one of the most hated Country . The China is most populous nation in the world. Some people hate chines people, some hates it’s Products, Some hates this Country. There are various reason behind the hate for China.

4. Israel

The state of Israel is a Country in the Middle-East and the only Country with Jewish majority in the World. Almost every Muslim hate this Country, but they love Jerusalem.

5. United Sates of America

United states of America is very well-developed and most powerful Country in the World, but a lot of people and other Countries hate USA.

6. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Arab state in western Asia. It’s official capital city is Riyadh and language is Arabic. Saudi Arabia is one of most Hated Country in the World, because of it’s rule regulations and law and order etc.

7. India

India is a Country in South Asia. It’s second most populous Country . Most people don’t like Indian people. There are a lot of hidden reasons why people hate Indian and Country race.


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