7 Top Worst Cities in the world.

1. Mogadishu


Mogadishu is Worst City to visit or live. When you land on Mogadishu International Airport, Immigration people ask you what weapon you are carrying with you for your safety, if you entering in the City.

2. Damascus


Syrian Capital ruined by terrorists, U.S Army and Russian Missiles and Ammunition. Damascus  is unbalanced at this time. Bomb Blasts, Attacks, deaths are so common here now.

3. Bangui

( Central African Republic)

Bangui is  very Dangerous to visit because of reprisal Killers, Violence, Loots and Human Rights abuses.

4. Sana’a

( Yemen)

Sana’a is  the Capital of Yemen. Yemen is world’s worst Humanitarian Crisis. Eight Million people on the brink of Famine and death here.

5. Baghdad


Baghdad is one of the Worst City in the World because of destruction in war and home of terrorists organisations.

6. Port-au-Prince


Port-Au-Prince is troubling place to live. Poverty and Violence is huge problem here.

7. Brazzaville

(Republic of Congo)

Brazzaville is very Dangerous City at this time. Avoid to go there.


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