7 Top Worst Countries to live in the World

7 Top Worst Countries to live in the World

1. Somalia

You go to this Country to Die or to get tortured . When you land at the Mogadishu International Airport, the first form you fill out asks for name, address and caliber of weapon. Somalia has been ripped apart by violence since  1991. The Whole Country has become a breeding ground for Warlords, Terrorists, Pirates, Kidnappers, Bomb makers, Freelance gunman, no Education for people and the good land for dangerous diseases.

2. North Korea

North Korea is the Most hated and third most corrupt Country in the World. Living conditions are worst in this Country. No freedom here.  In Worst conditions, Some people would like to live in Somalia instead of North Korea.

3. Syria

Syria is one of the Worst Country to live at this time. Because it’s a War zone and a property of big terrorist organisations. Going to Syria is like going to the  ‘Suicide Point’.

4. Afghanistan

Nature made this Country a beautiful place with natural beauty and natural resources. But the terrorist organisations, people of Afghanistan and United States of America made this country a Hell on the Earth .

5. Iraq

Living conditions in Iraq Suffered after the fall of Saddam Hussein. People here are suffering from Malnutrition, Starvation, water problems, unemployment, power, illiteracy and bad living conditions.

6. Niger

Niger is one of the least developed Countries in the World. This Country struggles in face of frequent drought, insurgency and wide-spread poverty. People of this Country have no basic rights, they still face slavery on a big scale.  High rate of illiteracy, land of many fatal diseases.


7. Yemen

This Country is on the edge of becoming second Somalia.Terrorist organisations and Islamic extremists are becoming powerful and government becoming weak and useless here. Yemen is facing growing risk of famine, hunger, cholera, deaths and malnutrition. Survival conditions are Worst in Yemen.


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