7 Top Worst Food in The World.


 ( Philippines)

This is a  Filipino dish.  Let a fertilized duck or chicken egg develop until it is embryonic, now boil it and serve with chili vinegar. First you have to sip the liquid from the eggshells then chew the remaining contents, making sure to crack the bones for good measure.

2.Cod Sperm.


This white, Brain looking thing is not everyone's 'Food of dish'. You can read the name of this dish and can think twice before eating it.

3.Braised Dog


Cooks like to beat the Dog while it is still alive , believing that the added adrenaline in the meat will give virility to those who eat it.

4.Cane Rat.


Cane Rat tastes just as one would imagine a dead rat would taste. Don't even try, guys.


(Southeast Asia)

The taste of this fruit is not good or pleasant, and smell is enough to peel the skin off one's face from one hundred paces away. 



Airag is fermented horse milk. This is the Traditional and National beverage of Mongolia .



Long curing precess of Hakarl, produces arguably one of the most unpleasant thing to eat.

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