7 Top Worst People ever Born.

1. Heinrich Himmler


Born: 7 October 1900, Died: 23May 1945.

Heinrich was the head of the Gestapo and German Police chief . He coordinated the death of nearly 10 million people.

2. Ivan IV


Born: September 1530, Died: 28 March 1584.

Ivan VI was a cruel and worst Man. During his escapades to Poland, thousands of prisoners brought before him everyday to be executed. Assuming that he got night sleep that would mean 1 execution for every single minute he was awake.

3. Genghis Khan.


Born: 1162, Died: August 1227.

Genghis khan was most cruel person ever born. He was responsible for the death of 40 million people.

4. Vlad the Impaler


Born: 1431, Died: 1476.

Vlad the Impaler was worse thanĀ  the blood drinker Dracula. His favourite past time was like, Cutting off Limbs, Blinding people, cutting off nose and ears, Mutilation of sexual organs of women, Scalping, Skinning and boiling alive.

5. H.H. Holmes.


Born: 16 May 1861, Died: 7 May 1896.

H.H. Holmes was an American serial killer. He built a Hotel for the purpose of killing people. He used to torture and kill people and sell their body pieces to the Medical schools.

6. Jeffery Dahmer.


Born: 21 May 1960, Died: 28 November 1994.

Jeffery killed more than 17 Men and Boys. Murders involved rape, Dismemberment, Cannibalism, Neurophilia. He thought he could turn his victims into Zombies by drilling holes in their skulls and filling them with boiling water while those people were still alive.

7. Nero


Born: 15 December 37 AD, Died: 9 June 68 AD.

Nero was the last Roman Emperor of Julio-Claudian Dynasty. He executed his mother and brother. He used to burn prisoners in his garden at night as a source of light.


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